Design fitness equipment

The philosophy of the line

Ciclotte is the expression of contemporary living, where work and relaxation, exercise and fun share the same dimension.

Ciclotte’s aim is to create training products that are not only useful but that are also able to meet the needs of a modern, evolved and dynamic public, who care about their function as much as their aesthetic and design. Fitness is no longer relegated to its functional aspects and its boundaries with design blur. Idea, form and technology are combined to offer an inimitable style and elegance suitable for the most varied living contexts: from homes to offices, from hotels to yachts.

Ciclotte Bike, Ciclotte Teckell, Ciclotte Dumbbells and Ciclotte Wall-bar have been created pursuing this philosophy. With their exclusive design, they are the perfect equipment to decorate and create unique interior projects.

The uniqueness of the line

There are many features that make Ciclotte a unique brand and the perfect choice for any room:

  • Design = Ciclotte products are fitness equipment and at the same time real pieces of decoration. Each piece is characterized by a strong design and the unmissable circular shape representing the “circle of life”.
  • High-quality materials = The Ciclotte line is manufactured by using exclusive materials such as carbon, stainless steel, glass fiber and tempered glass. The use of these materials witnesses the quality and attention to details that the brand assures into each product.
  • Excellent sports performance = Ciclotte tools are not only pieces of design, but are first and foremost fitness equipment. Therefore, they guarantee optimal training performance, especially thanks to the innovative technologies both used to realize them and featured by each product, such as the Ciclotte Bike’s turn multiplier transmission system with electro-magnetic resistance and Bluetooth connecting to any smart-phone and tablet or the innovative hooking system of the Ciclotte Dumbbells.
  • Space-saving size = The small dimension and limited space occupied by each Ciclotte product is another distinctive feature of the line. The extreme compactness makes each Ciclotte tool perfect to be placed inside apartments, offices, suites and yachts
  • Made in Italy = Ciclotte and all its products are entirely conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy, in Bergamo province. Ciclotte is a 100% Made in Italy line.
  • Possibility of customization = Each Ciclotte equipment is completely customizable, according to every customer’s needs: from the use of a specific pantone and color shades and insertion of logos, till leather upholsteries and silk-screen printing. The customization service is the answer to create your own and totally personalized gym
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