Ciclotte Teckell

The only design exercise bike made of glass

Ciclotte Teckell was born from the cooperation of two italian excellences, united by the passion for design, technology and attention to details and Made in Italy. Ciclotte’s “Ride on design” philosophy merges with Teckell’s “Italian design looks forward”. The result is an exercise bike that, while maintaining its iconic design, for the first time experiments with the transparency and elegance of glass.

Transparency connects the mechanical/structural parts like an invisible bridge: a revolution in the design of fitness equipment, confirming the uniqueness of the Ciclotte project.

Ciclotte Teckell, with its minimalistic shapes, is the only design exercise bike in glass.

Developed by following an accurate ergonomic study and featuring a transmission with a turn multiplier system, the bike is able to replicate the sensation of pedalling on the road and ensure high training workouts.

For an even more immersive workout, a 4.0 functionality has been added to connect the bike to any Bluetooth device: a special kit consisting of a support for smartphones and tablets and an electronic chip has been designed to connect the bike to any mobile device

The mobile device integration offers numerous entertainment possibilities while pedaling. Thanks to the kit, it is possible to enjoy video, music and also a simulator via the Kinomap APP.

Kinomap allows you to monitor the parameters of your workouts, compete with your friends and ride the most beautiful routes in the world.

An elegant decoration object able to communicate with modern furniture fitouts where living, work and exercise share the same space.

A sculptural complement that does not exclude functionality, guaranteeing an ergonomic exercise thanks to the sophisticated mechanics applied to this modern exercise bike.

Ultimate solution for the interior of private home gym, Ciclotte Teckell is the modern exercise bike conceived for the interior design of luxury homes, office contractors, hotel gyms and amazing yacht fitness activities.

A real pleasure for the body and for the sight.


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mobile device integration
The special support of this extremely modern design exercise bike, allows integration with smartphones and tablets, offering a wide range of possibilities for entertainment during the workouts. Beginning from watching your own movies and music till the simulation of routes on trails and roads, thanks to a dedicated App that can provide useful information on the speed and distance travelled.
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Ciclotte bike in fibra di carbonio nera con integrazione multimediale

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