Ciclotte Pirelli

Deep passion for design, true sporting vocation and uncompromised quality

These are the three values shared by Multi Design, owner of the CICLOTTE brand, and by Pirelli that gave rise to the new exclusive edition of the Ciclotte design exercise-bike branded PIRELLI.

The new Ciclotte mantains all the technical features of our iconic design exercise-bike and for the first time introduces rubber handles with an “all over” PIRELLI logo to maximize grip during the most intense workouts.

The overall graphic, on the frame in carbon fibre, recalls the famous tyre used in the world’s most prestigious car competition of which Pirelli is the sole supplier, available in the 5 colors used during the race weekend: the “hard” white, the “medium” yellow, the red “soft” and the green and blue “rain”.

MULTI-DESIGN licensee for the trademarks , (   ) and P ZERO for cyclette


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Ciclotte bike in fibra di carbonio nera con integrazione multimediale

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