A fully immersive experience while training with your Ciclotte Bike

Training classes, Multi-player races and workout info

The kit of accessories for mobile devices, composed by a special support for smartphones and tablets, a dedicated Bluetooth board built-in inside the electronic of the bike and the integration with Kinomap App, will connect every Ciclotte Bike to your preferred mobile device. Coaching lessons, remote display mode and multiplayer sessions are just some of the functions that will increase the level of entertainment and fun while doing your weekly workout… for an ever more immersive experience…

Bring the gym to the home

The availability of the Kinomap App on your consoles and machines, by giving access to over 500,000 km of cumulative tracks, on top of coaching content and spinning lessons, is really an opportunity to bring the gym to your home. And what is true for indoor cycling on a smart trainer also make sense for cardio training indeed: during a training session you will be able to check current speed, distance run, calories burnt, slope and many more information.

  • Immersivity: The kit provides interactive content based on fully geolocated videos and structured workout, which can be fully mirrored on your TV by using the remote display system.
  • Multiplayer open to the brand challenges: Kinomap App allows also multi-player mode to enjoy a real race against other bikers while training. In the structured work-out feature you will  find public race, while with “Private Race” you or your friends and followers will be able to schedule your own race.
  • Training Modes: Besides training on the full set of videos uploaded on the App, you have 3 special training modes. With the Map Mode, you have the opportunity to upload your own favourite routes or train on a public GPS track, like official Stages, fabulous routes and marathons, while checking out your progress in real-time and your position compared to the others.Through the Free Ride Mode you are able to create your instant workout activity according to your desires & objectives by increasing or decreasing the incline level, while on the Structured workout you have the opportunity to create your own exercise, with duration and instructions that suit your needs and expectations!
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