Ciclotte: Design, fitness, decor

An exercise in style


Ciclotte is the exclusive design line of fitness equipment.

The Ciclotte project was born from the evolution of Ciclò, the concept of monocycle designed for sustainable urban mobility. Since 2007 Ciclò is part of the permanent collection of the Italian Design Museum (La Triennale di Milano).

Today the Ciclotte line is pure expression of contemporary living, where work and relaxation, exercise and leisure share the same dimension. Fitness is no more confined to its functional aspects and its boundaries with design blur. Idea, shape and technology come together to offer unique style and elegance in the most varied living contexts: from home to office, from hotels to yachts.

Ciclotte: design for fitness.

Ciclotte Bike, Ciclotte Teckell and the Dumbbell set, with their exclusive design, are the perfect equipment to create unique and luxurious interiors.

The Company

The MULTIside of design

Tracing the humanity of function in an object’s shape: this is what it means to see and feel the beauty of objects that embody the desire for an ideal relationship between us, our bodies and the world.

Design is the heart of things, the language, the sign, the code, and the secret that gives shape and identity to both very old objects, perfect and elementary, as well as to others that are technological and complex such as our electronic devices or cars. True design is always singular, unique, and specific; but it is also plural, connective, abundantly resonant, and always MULTIDESIGN. MULTIDESIGN, the company founded for producing and distributing the Ciclotte brand, offers an entire range of services linked to managing product design projects, ensuring close collaboration between its 3 macro-processes and the connections amongst its various phases:

analysis of market, needs, trends
idea, concept, sign
planning, research, design
engineering, design, prototyping, tests
production, technologies, suppliers, assembly
logistics, storage, transport, shipping
communications, image, messages, media, tone, style, video, brochures, websites
promotions, events, tradeshows, pr
distribution, sales, network, sales channels, companies and brands in the design industry.

The Designer

Luca Schieppati
When an idea becomes a real product

Italian / born in 1979: after high school, he earned a Degree in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic of Milan. He is a professor at the European Design Institute (IED Moda Lab) where he teaches courses in graphic art and computer graphics.

In 2007, he served as spokesman of the “Muoviti” competition of ideas together with Roberto Giolitto (Fiat 500) and Marco Lambro (Piaggio Mp3).  In December 2007, he was included in the Triennial Design Museum at the Milan Triennial, with Ciclò project. His projects have been included in large national and international exhibitions (“The New Italian Design” – Milan/Madrid; “Milan Made in Design” – Peking/Shanghai; “Festival of Creativity” – Florence; DAS Designer after School – Rome).