Ciclotte Marble

The only design exercise bike made of marble

Ciclotte Marble marks a groundbreaking entry into the world of luxury fitness equipment, incorporating for the first time the most refined Italian marbles in its frame and setting a new benchmark in the industry.

This piece redefines minimalism in design, offering a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic. The brilliance of the marble forms a stunning link between the bike’s components, underlining Ciclotte’s commitment to uniqueness.

The timeless beauty of the natural materials has been coupled with the latest cutting-edge technology: advanced CX research, a sophisticated transmission system and electromagnetic resistance recreate the authentic feeling of road cycling, while an immersive training experience is enhanced by Bluetooth connectivity.

Ciclotte Marble blends seamlessly into any living space, transcending the boundaries of traditional home fitness equipment. It’s not just a statement piece of design, it’s the perfect balance of form and function, retaining the robustness of professional gym equipment.

A remarkable combination of high performance and striking beauty.

Available in:

  • Green Alps Marble
  • White Carrara Marble
  • Black Portoro
  • Red Travertine
  • Yellow Classic Travertine

mobile device integration
The special support of this extremely modern design exercise bike, allows integration with smartphones and tablets, offering a wide range of possibilities for entertainment during the workouts. Beginning from watching your own movies and music till the simulation of routes on trails and roads, thanks to a dedicated App that can provide useful information on the speed and distance travelled.
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Ciclotte bike in fibra di carbonio nera con integrazione multimediale

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