Ciclotte Wall-bar

A sculpture mirror to perform wall-bar workouts

Ciclotte Wall-bar recalls the history of the Bike, by reproducing its iconic circular shape related to the “circle of life”, sharing its aesthetic identity and being, first of all, a piece of design and a real and functional fitness tool.

Thanks to the innovative shape, whose structure is ergonomically distributed around the body like in Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man, the user will be able to perform high-performance body workouts.

Reflect your shape

Developed in co-operation with Woodfriend and designed by Davide Negri and Luca Schieppati, Ciclotte Wall-bar is an unmissable complement for any interior design and luxury gym project: a real gymnastic ladder, but a unique mirror when the exercising racks are folded away.


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Ciclotte bike in fibra di carbonio nera con integrazione multimediale

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