Ciclotte Dumbbells

Modular design weights

Ciclotte Dumbbells is the kit of modular design weights created to train in perfect Ciclotte style.

Featuring an innovative hooking mechanism, Ciclotte Dumbbells allow you to quickly vary the weight lift during the workout from 1.5 to 7 kg.

The technology of the hooking system and the unique design have been recognized by the jury of the IDA, International Design Awards in the “Product Design” category.

The modular design weights with the iconic circular shape 

Ciclotte Dumbbells’ set recalls the history of Ciclotte, reproducing its iconic circular shape, that symbolizes the “circle of life” like an aesthetic identity

A constant balance between a decoration object with a strong design “soul” and a high-performance, functional fitness tool.

The unmissable complement for any luxury gym design, from home luxury interiors to hotel gym design, office gym design and an exceptional yacht cabin: a real set of weights for heavy workouts, but a pure sculpture while assembled and positioned on its sleek rack


Every Ciclotte is unique
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Ciclotte bike in fibra di carbonio nera con integrazione multimediale

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