Real workouts on design weights

Thanks to the innovative set of modular weights, featuring a patented hooking mechanism, the user will be able to quickly change the weight used during the training from 1.5 kg to 6 kg, allowing the user to perform real workouts and body building sessions. Upon his launch onto the market, the kit of barbells, considered as innovative as carefully finished, has been awarded IDA “International Design Awards”.

iconic circular shape

The set recalls the history of the Bike, by reproducing its iconic circular shape related to the “circle of life”, sharing its aesthetic identity and being, first of all, a piece of design and a powerful and functional fitness tool.

The unmissable complement for any luxury gym design, from home luxury interiors to hotel gym design, office gym design and an exceptional yacht cabin: a real set of weights for heavy workouts, but a pure sculpture while assembled and positioned on its sleek rack.