Outdoor Fitness: Ciclotte Teckell wins the IDA awards

The International Design Award, born to celebrate the avant-garde of design, saw the Ciclotte Teckell bike triumph in the Outdoor Fitness category.

The elegance of crystal for the outdoor fitness

Ciclotte Teckell is the hi-tech and design exercise bike, perfect for exercising everywhere, even outdoors.

The transparency of the glass, the polished steel used in the frame and the iconic circular shape make Ciclotte Teckell a decoration object that does not exclude functionality. The applied mechanics and ergonomics of this fitness equipment guarantee professional training.

Outdoor fitness has never been so cool.

The International Design Awards

The International Design Awards (IDA) were created with the idea of promoting the most visionary projects, celebrating the most avant-garde personalities and discovering the emerging talents for:

  • architecture
  • interior
  • product
  • graphics
  • fashion design

IDA aspires to spread design worldwide in all its aspects, conceptualizing, producing and rewarding great works … beginning from its logo, awards and books, which had all designed by famous artists and designers.

Fitness Outdoor Ida Design Awards
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