Keep fit, stay safe – Celebrity Health with Ina Raymundo

We are at the second appointment of ” Keep fit, stay safe”, the column with the tips of celebrities and some of the most famous personal trainers in the world to keep healthy and fit in quarantine.

Second appointment: Ina Raymundo

For the second appointment of our column, we will follow the Philippine actress, model and singer Ina Raymundo during her indoor cycling training.

The video of “Celebrity Health”, in fact, sees Ina and Armand Mendoza, instructor of Electric Studio, in a tutorial dedicated to this cardio workout, ideal for the well-being of body, heart and legs.

“I love indoor cycling because in 45 minutes you get the whole-body workout and that’s perfect for me.

It feels intense and fun and it’s pitch black inside so you feel like you are alone and actually I just wanna scream at the top of my lungs sometimes, ‘cause I just want to…you know…let loose and let out.”

Furthermore, the videos’ protagonists explain the dos and don’ts to make your training effective and without injury, from correct posture to appropriate clothing.


What to wear for an indoor cycling session:

  1. Wear something comfortable and light: it can get very hot during training.
  2. Wear leggings or long, tight-fitting trousers to avoid the risk of rubbing.
  3. Wear appropriate shoes: besides being more stable and safe, they are designed to transfer energy from the legs to the pedals.

Practical training tips:

  1. The seat must be at your hip height.
  2. Handlebars must be easily reachable with the arms.
  3. Handlebars must be positioned higher than the seat.
  4. Once seated, keep your back in a neutral position, elbows soft and chin high.

It’s time to start, enjoy your training!

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