Keep fit, stay safe – Hip hop spinning with KTX

Here we are at the third appointment of ” Keep fit, stay safe”, the column with the advice of celebrities and some of the most famous personal trainers in the world to keep fit and healthy at home.

Third appointment: KTX

KTX, celebrity spinning instructor and protagonist of the third appointment of our column, in this funny video proposes us a hip hop spinning session. An incredible workout that burns calories with jumps, climbs and intense sprints to the sound of “Side To Side”, Ariana Grande’s hit single featuring Nicki Minaj.

Keith Thompson, better known as KTX and founder of KTX Fitness, has become one of the most popular personal trainers for spinning in a very short time.

His approach to exercise to the rhythm of hip hop and rhythm and blues made him known to the worldwide audience and his class videos soon went viral on social media.


The core of his training philosophy, as well as the key of his success, is to make the whole- body work in a fun and stimulating way. The goal of KTX is to teach and inspire people to transform their lives and shapes while having fun.

Feeling good about yourself by healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s time to start, enjoy your training!

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