Keep fit, stay safe – Let’s have some fun!

For the fourth appointment of ” Keep fit, stay safe”, the column with tips from celebrities and personal trainers to stay in shape and healthy even in quarantine, we thought to have some fun.

Fourth appointment: Dani Alves, LMFAO and Jimmy Fallon

In this appointment we want to share with you the daily training at Dani Alves and his wife’s home and the exhilarating spinning session of Jimmy Fallon and the LMFAO during the Late Show.

Because sometimes fun is the most important part of the work-out! 😀

“A little bit of what we do at home, here we don’t accept excuses, we only accept results.

The sooner we get home, the sooner we get out on the street… think about it and apply it to your lives. #Tamoactive #GoodCrazycouple🤪 #alegria😂 #alegria🤪”

“Spin class time and my heart is thumpin’, the bike is fresh and the music is pumpin’”


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