Italian design stars in Japan with Ciclotte

The famous program “Anata no Shiranai Italia he” realized by BS-TBS 視聴者センター landed in Bergamo. Watch the episode dedicated to the world of Ciclotte, icon of Italian design.

Italian design with “Anata no Shiranai Italia he”

A documentary entitled ” Unknown Italy”. A description of the Italian excellences that have led Made in Italy a symbol of quality recognized globally.

Design, fashion, architecture, music, handcrafts, art and food. These are the key players in the Japanese programme. Each episode presents the stories of designers and companies and their connection with the territory, especially with food.

Bergamo and Ciclotte

Italian design is the protagonist in this episode dedicated to Bergamo and Ciclotte’s company.

The designer Luca Schieppati speaks about himself and his vision of design. From the birth of Ciclò, the famous prototype of monocycle, part of the permanent collection of the Italian Design Museum “La Triennale di Milano”, to the production of the flagship product Ciclotte Bike.

To complete the episode a visit to the designer’s favourite restaurant to taste the typical dishes of the area.

Watch now the preview of the episode!

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