Any claim based on the supply of the Products or on the quality at time of supply is made immediately to Multi-Design S.r.l. using the number +39 035 233350 or the email or by receipt registered mail to be sent to Via Antonio Locatelli 31, 24121 Bergamo (BG) Italia.

Damages or non-conformity of items
External damages or non-conformity of items must be immediately reported to the courier, affixing the words “subject to withdrawal” on the delivery document, and must be noticed to Lamiflex within 10 (ten) days by the means of communication methods mentioned above.

Delivery Delays
Claims for delays must be submitted within 6 (six) days starting from the expected day of delivery or, if the Product has been delivered, within 10 (ten) days from the delivery.

* * *

All claims must describe the Product and the respective reasons.

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