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The origins of an exercise in style

Ciclotte is the evolution of Ciclò, the monowheel conceived for urban mobility, which is part since 2007 of the permanent collection of the Italian Design Museum (La Triennale di Milano).

Design object, fitness tool, piece of furniture, Ciclotte is the expression of contemporary living, where work and relaxation, exercise and entertainment share fluid spaces and dimensions, in a constant dialogue. Fitness is no longer confined to the mere functional aspect and its boundaries with design are definitely broken: idea, shape and technology are mixed in order to offer style and elegance in any environment, from home to office, from the gym to the outdoors.

Ciclotte is a product entirely made in Italy by using high-tech materials like carbon fibre and the first exercise bike to use an electro-magnetic resistance system with epicycloids transmission to directly replicate the feeling of riding on the road.