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Ciclotte. Exercise in style.

An object of design, fitness equipment, home accessory. Ciclotte is the new must-have of luxury fitness: a project that combines idea, form and technology, rethinking the traditional aesthetic standards and the actual interpretation of the exercise bike.

Ciclotte arises from the need to bring into everyday life a design that is a real expression of contemporary living, where work and relaxation, exercise and entertainment share the same dimension, within fluid spaces where all objects can interact with one another.

Ciclotte is decidedly different from any other exercise bike or home fitness equipment, because it breaks with the designs of gym equipment that have always emphasized functional aspects, to find a place with inimitable style within the most varied living contexts: home, office, gym, the outdoors.

Ciclotte derives from Ciclò, monowheel prototype for the urban mobility, now part of Triennale Design Museum permanent collection.

Luca Schieppati

He was born in Italy in 1979. After high school, he earned a Degree in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic of Milan.

He is a professor at the European Design Institute (IED Moda Lab) where he teaches courses in graphic art and computer graphics. In 2007, he served as spokesman of the "Muoviti" competition of ideas together with Roberto Giolitto (Fiat 500) and Marco Lambro (Piaggio Mp3).

In December 2007, he took part in the Triennial Design Museum at the Milan Triennial, with the development of the Ciclò project.

His projects have been included in large national and international exhibitions ("The New Italian Design" – Milan/Madrid; "Milan Made in Design" – Peking/Shanghai; "Festival of Creativity" – Florence; DAS Designer after School – Rome).

Lamiflex Group

Ciclotte is manufactured by Lamiflex Composites, a Bergamo based company that has been operating for over thirty years in the composite materials sector, developing high tech solutions for the most varied industrial contexts.

The Lamiflex Composites products and components are used today in, amoung others, the furnishings and lighting, aeronautical, medical, textile and sports sectors.

Ciclotte is concrete evidence of the philosophy and mission of the Lamiflex Group, which has always focused on the technological evolution of its know-how, and aimed at optimizing all the phases of development and making of prototypes.

The partnership with Luca Schieppati is just one of the projects in which the Lamiflex Group is directly involved in the promotion of young Italian designers and in the research of new application solutions of technical laminates.

Form and content.
Unmistakably Made in Italy.

The large circle and the two "horns". Ciclotte is recognized and admired for its inimitable silhouette, for its harmonious synthesis of equilibrium and dynamism.

Ciclotte is entirely designed and made in Italy, manufactured with exceptional materials such as carbon, steel and glass fibre, combined in a unique and innovative mix.
The large wheel at the cornerstone of the project is reminiscent of the classic unicycles of the end of the 1800s, reinterpreting its operating dynamics thanks to simple and sophisticated engineering, such as the epicycloid transmission system, which is a complete innovation in the fitness field.

The technological approach, which is the result of research based completely on ergonomics, is one of the distinctive features of Ciclotte: no concessions have been made to the superfluous, with only the essentials in setting and equipment allowed, simplicity and immediacy in its use.

Fitness on the road.

Ciclotte is an exercise bike with a carbon make-up and unique character: the rider's posture, the minimalist design in terms of aesthetics and technology, and the appeal of the material quality evoke with the first touch the emotion of a road race, faithfully reproducing its dynamics and performance.

Set Up

Ciclotte V#1
In its first release, Ciclotte is available in three colours:
Marine Version
Ciclotte Marine. Fitted up with components resistant to humidity and sea salt. Ideal for use on yachts, ships, coastal areas and for long exposures in the open air.

Customization on the frame upon request,
with brands, names and graphics application

Sellino: modelli disponibili
Carbon / Selle Italia SLR
Tecnologika Flow
100% leggerezza, flessibilità, morbidezza, comfort
Struttura in carbonio intrecciato
FLOW - Taglio anatomico centrale
EVA - Imbottitura ultraleggera
Comfort / Selle Italia Shiver Flow
100% elasticità, morbidezza, impermeabilità
Scafo realizzato in Nylon N6
FLOW: Taglio anatomico centrale
FC: Imbottitura a spessori differenziati
Elastomer: Sospensione ad elastomeri anti vibrazione

Design Happening
8-13 April
Ciclotte @ Fuori Salone
8-13 April
Special Events
25 -26 July 2013
Ciclotte @ Arte&Golf
18 - 19 July
Ciclotte @ Flash Xpò Switzerland
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