Exercise Bike: health & wellness fitness equipment
09 October 2018

Exercise Bike: health & wellness fitness equipment

09 October 2018

Exercise Bike: health & wellness fitness equipment

The exercise bike has always been one of the most widespread fitness equipment for both, gym and home, as it can be an exceptional ally in maintaining body weight, toning muscles, getting into shape and even slimming.

Despite the well-known benefits of pedalling, most people still wonder if exercise bikes are really equipment to increase body health and wellness. The answer is simple, being the exercise bike a fitness equipment, if used properly, it can actually help users achieve their goals.


Main advantages of an exercise bike workout

The main advantage of an exercise bike, in a weight loss or fitness program, is that you can use it at any time of the day, in the comfort of your home or at the gym, regardless of weather conditions.

In addition, users should remember that cycling is one of the best activities to train the whole body as pedalling involves all muscles. A regular indoor workout with an exercise bike ensures the same benefits as outdoor cycling.


Balance diet and exercise bike workout

Users should also be aware that in order to lose weight it is essential to properly combine the exercise bike workout with a balanced diet, both in terms of quantity and quality.

The first step to start a weight loss program is asking a nutritionist for a healthy diet plan. Diets don’t need to be necessarily “privative” ones, they should grant your body the right amount of energy to deal with your workout, which will help you maintaining body weight, toning muscles, getting into shape and even slimming.


Best exercise bike session

Another key element to help you lose weight by cycling is a regular updating of your training routine.

The effort perceived during the first ride on your exercise bike will naturally be much harder than the ones you will feel riding six months after the beginning of your workout. That’s why to burn calories on a constant basis, it’s essential to increase the work-load of your training. A “cardio training” will specifically help you change your pedalling pace often, preventing your body from getting used to it, losing the exercise bike benefits.

It is very important consequently to keep the heart rate under control during the whole exercise bike session, pushing your body to a series of periodic accelerations.

Here is a practical example: on a half-hour workout, you should maintain an intense cadence pace for one minute and then relaxing for the next four ones. This kind of training approach does not entail the increase of the training duration, on the contrary, the change of cadence and intensity of pedaling is often related to a reduction in the training session duration.

In the end, training with the exercise bike helps you losing weight for real, if you ride it regularly and with variable intervals.


Exercise bike helps you losing weight for real

Once verified that the exercise bikes help you maintaining body weight, toning muscles, getting into shape and slimming the whole body, we must specify that it acts especially on legs, gluteus and abdominals. Pedalling operate effectively on the lower limbs and abdominals, thanks to the constant stress during the training session.

Are you ready to bike?

What will the exercise bike of the future be and look like?
25 September 2018

What will the exercise bike of the future be and look like?

25 September 2018
What will the exercise bike of the future be and look like?

One of the most effective fitness equipment for both, gym and home, has always been the exercise bike.
It is perfect to be used by people of all ages and both sexes and it definitely provides many benefits to mind and body. Fitness has developed many new trends nowadays, so which features will be necessary for the exercise bike of the future to keep up with the times?


Exercise bike: training and benefits

First of all, we must say that training with the exercise bike provides many benefits for real.
Among the advantages of a regular training with the exercise bike are:

cardio: being an aerobic activity, cycling helps to regulate the blood pressure, the level of cholesterol in blood and the glycemia;

increased lung capacity: being an aerobic activity, cycling increases lung capacity and, consequently, physical resistance;

increased metabolism: a fast 40-minutes cycle burns calories and increases fat metabolism;

toning of legs, gluteus and abdominals: cycling strengthens simultaneously legs, gluteus and abdomen muscles. Furthermore, thanks to specific exercises, it is also possible to train arms, shoulders and pectorals at the same time;

strengthening of the back muscles: regular training with a proper seat position strengthens the back muscles and relieves accumulated tensions;

cellulite reduction: a bike training session helps to tone and reduce the cellulite;

decrease stress levels: bike training enhances the endorphins production (mood hormones) helping decrease accumulated tensions and stress levels and leading to a relaxing sensation.

To benefit from all these advantages, bike training must be done regularly several times a week. However, it is warmly recommended to consult a doctor before starting a training program, in order to assess any restrictions on use in relation to the physical and health conditions of the user.


The exercise bike of the future: trends and features

Cycling provides many health and physical benefits, which makes the exercise bike an ideal fitness equipment for those seeking beauty, personal care and a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness and beauty are still one of the main global trends, launched by Millennials and embraced by all age groups, which will lead the exercise bike’s innovations related to design and technology.

Fitness equipments will not only be evaluate for their performance and function: every aspect will turn into a key feature to amplify the user experience: colors, lights, design, locations, …

New technologies, such as “Smart Fitness” and “Connected Sport”, similarly, will continue to grow.
Training will be a unique experience for both, mind and body, thanks to wearable devices or Bluetooth connections. These tools can calculate and process a lot of training data and information to improve the user’s exercise program, entertain during the training session (movies, videos, music, …) and connect him/her with friends and social networks to share fun, workout data and experience.

Originality, design and technology will merge to create an exercise bike that can be integrated in a variety of living contexts: home, office, gym and outdoor.

The Ciclotte concept arises from all these needs, it is a real expression of contemporary living, within a fluid environment where work and relaxation, exercise and recreation share the same dimension and all objects can interact with one another.

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